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Why you need phone scoring…

Do you answer your own phone at your business? Maybe you are like many businesses, and have a receptionist, or staff take your incoming leads. We like using the term “lead” because at this point you have no guarantee that this caller will show at your business. We work hard to get the phone to ring, however how are we handling those calls?

With so much on the line and us all fighting for that new business the question is simple. Do you have your best people answering your phone? So, you think you have the best phone etiquette taking your incoming business…How do you know? Even if you can hear half the conversation(s) in the office you are missing the other half of the conversation. And based on what the lead is asking you have no idea if your staff is giving the best answers to those questions. They can be polite and professional, however in the end, did they close an appointment to come in?

How does it work?

When we talk about phone scoring, we are talking about measuring specific elements of how your staff interacts with clients. We seek to establish what the employee did well and what they did not do well while interacting with clients. This gives you a detailed tracking of the performance of your employee and an idea on where to start on improvements on the customer service and sales skills.

Phone scoring works by recording the phone call between clients and employees. The elements to be scored are varied but are intended to rate the customer and sales interactions. Did you know that a cheerful voice can keep a potential client? The attitude of the employee in responding to a client query can go a long way in boosting sales. Even a simple technique of getting the client’s name the first time can bring in those sales that you desire.

What we offer…

We understand that businesses today need digital help in many areas though each industry and business is different. That is why we go in and evaluate what you are doing now. So instead of making huge changes, maybe the little changes will solve the problem. Maybe nothing needs to be changed in what is being said but it is the tone of the staff. We can monitor this with phone scoring and fix this with training.

Our phone scoring services are so simple it works for any business. We do the following:

  • Evaluate your customer service and experience
  • Evaluate the phone skills of your staff
  • Track employee accountability and progress

This service will give you the exact starting point on where to improve or make adjustments. It is a way of discovering potential habits and inadequacies of your staff that can cost you a lot more in the long run. On the other hand, it is a value guaranteed service that will earn you more by bringing in more clients and more sales. We also offer staff training to improve customer care service and sales skills for your team. After training, we also offer monitoring and evaluation of the employee’s progress.

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