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We offer training and development to all staff with the aim to maintain a knoweldgeable, well-spoken, motivated staff....

We want your customers to have a great customer experience.The best way to provide this is to have a staff ready to handle any situation with customers who will have all sorts of personalities

Warrior Webmasters provides a customized training that meets the needs of an organization.We follow a designed approach to ensure that every staff is trained properly, proffesionally and we set the training to the type of business you are. Each training session is written to your business model. Better trained employees provide better services to your customers and stay longer with the business.. Below are popular topics we do provide training on. These are;

  • Customer service support
  • First-line supervision
  • The strategic planning Process
  • The train the trainer model
  • Tackling sexual harassment
  • Drug-free workplace policy
  • Top closing techniques
  • The best follow up skills
  • Advanced voice techniques
  • Rights and wrongs of day to day working
  • Code of conduct training
  • Business and people Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal development

Customer service training is also a vital topic that every employee should be aware of. With the increased business competition in today’s global marketplace it makes it very critical that all employees meets and understands the needs of each and every customer.

Human relations training- misunderstandings and conflicts are the main sources of stresses in today’s workplaces. This kind of training will help people to get along in the workplace.

Safety training is very critical especially where hazardous chemicals or heavy equipment are involved. This training is also useful with a practical advice for avoiding cases such as assaults.

Sexual harassment training will include a careful and elaborate description of the firm’s policies about any sexual harassment.

Reasons For Employee/Staff Training

Staff training can be initiated for various reasons to an employee or a group of employees. These reasons may include;

  • It is a part of professional development program.
  • When the performance appraisal indicates that a performance improvement is needed.
  • To benchmark the improvement status in a performance improvement effort.
  • As a part of planning succession by helping every employee to be eligible for a planned change in any role of the organization.
  • To train the staff about a specific topic.
  • To take a test on a new performance management system.

Benefits That An Employee/Staff Can Get From This Training Program

When supervisors conduct staff training, employees can get some benefits which may include;

  • Increased efficiencies in the work processes, resulting to an increased financial gain.
  • An increased job satisfaction as well as morale among the employees.
  • An increased motivation among the employees.
  • An increased capacity to adopt new methods and technologies.
  • Enhanced firm’s image.
  • An increase in innovation of in products and strategies.

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