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Phone Etiquette Training

It has been common for years now that both potential and current clients call in on a business about their products. Be it pizza or a designer dress that they saw on display. Making that phone call gives them the opportunity to gain information about a company, their products and/or pricing without having to step inside the business first. As the associate on the other end of the line, this could mean a potential sale for you. It is also your chance to give your client the best shopping experience.

The business associate must have the phone etiquette required for great customer service. Investing in phone systems is not enough; training staff on these phone systems and how to use them is vital. It goes a long way in creating a successful and welcoming environment for your business to thrive.

What phone etiquette training entails…

Phone etiquette training is a special presentation on how important it is for a business to have the right phone etiquette. At Warrior Webmasters, we offer a personalized approach to the training of each staff member. We begin by assessing each trainee through phone scoring then embark on the training process. Our phone etiquette training will ensure the staff understands:



  • What phone etiquette is
  • How phone etiquette works
  • Its’ importance to the business
  • How  to cultivate phone etiquette


The practical training will involve concepts such as making a positive first impression, how to place callers on hold, call transfer techniques and call wrap up techniques that leaves customers smiling. That staff is trained on how to source for potential sales on the phone; while giving the clients the best customer service experience.

At we always have your customers, staff and business in mind. Our Service guarantees your employees motivation, customer satisfaction and most importantly; actual sales increases.

Book us today for your staff training and get the improved staff performance now!