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On-Site Training

We highly recommend that you purchase our CRM tool to help manage your business. More about this customer-relationship-management. We highly recommend that you purchase our CRM tool to help manage your business.

We offer on-site training service for local businesses and spend time doing training in person. The service involves working one on one with sales staff, show techniques, help with closing, and work on word tracks, voice tone, and everything else. We will help you make it a better experience for your clients. We combine structured processes, and test your staff to make sure the knowledge has been absorbed.

Why should you sign up for on-site training?

On-site training has numerous benefits for every client. Some of these are:

Our on-site training takes place at your business, no time away from your business is necessary. This eliminates your travel, gas, hotel and whatever else that you could incur. We do this to help our customers keep the costs down and keep your company fully staffed.

The courses are flexible since they can be customized to cater for specific business and scheduled for dates that are convenient for the company.

Clients learn in familiar surroundings and having the whole team together ensures that the impact throughout our client organization is immediate.

Sensitive company information may be shared by participants and used as concrete examples during interactive and workshop sessions in complete confidence.

On-site Training Services

On-site training is currently one of the best ways for each and every firm to realize their full potential of their investments in the current technology. Robert Hildreth has been programming CRM’s since 2003 and has been recognized by many as an expert when it comes to the following:


  • High Customer engagement
  • Double to Triple the closing ratio of competitors
  • Processes that are proven to work with any industry
  • Customizing the process for different markets, personalities and products
  • A way to succeed short term with a long term mindset
  • Mining your datatbase
  • Training you to understand your customer

Having a training program delivered on-site, your team is still in the office, therefore any critical questions or issues that arise every day can be addressed with ease.

I hope we have shown you more than a few advantages of having an instructor to come on-site to deliver a dedicated training course to your team. Feel free to call us on (888)787 – 4502 and request for a quote for free. We will provide a quick response for all your requests.