Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Facebook has more than 150 million users. Facebook advertising campaigns designed to increase awareness, group members and job applicants. We have to login at Facebook and then go to the Create Ad page. We have to follow these four simple steps to advertise at Facebook.

Step 1: Design Your Ad
Upload creative including a title for your ad (up to 25 characters in length including spaces) and content for the body of your ad (up to 135 characters in length including spaces) in the space provided. As you are creating your ad, a preview of it will be shown to you.

We may also upload a photo or image. However, this is optional.

Now decide whether you want people to be directed to your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page, Application, Group or Event. If you are already the administrator of your Facebook Page, Group, Event, or Application, you can select it from the drop down option.

In this step, one can also choose to precisely target by age, gender, location, and more. If you check the box, we will add content that notifies a user of their friends’ interactions with your brand or business on Facebook.

Step 2: Targeting
Target Your Audience By:
Relationship Status
Relationship Interests
Target your exact audience with demographic and psychographic filters about real people. By default, Facebook targets all users 18 and older in the default location. However, you are encouraged to modify this to reach the most appropriate people for your ad. Be sure to reference the approximate reach figure for an estimate of the number of people who match your criteria

Step 3: Campaigns and Pricing
Name your campaign but keep in mind ads in the same campaign share a dail budget and schedule.

Now that you’ve set up your campaign, set your daily budget and your schedule. How much do you want to spend per day? The minimum budget is US $1.00 a day. Now schedule your ad. Do you want your campaign to run continuously starting once the ad is approved or at a specified start and end date?

Decide whether you want to pay for clicks or pay for views.

Finally, you’ll want to confirm the maximum you are willing to pay per click or per 1000 impressions depending on your payment method. The suggested bid range shows you what other advertisers are currently bidding to reach people in your target. For best results, you should bid at least as much as the minimum suggested bid.

Step 4: Review Your Ad
You’re almost finished. The final step of the ad creation process is to review your ad. Check the targeting, budget, and ad itself for errors. You can go back to change any of the details by clicking “Change Ad”. Once you’ve reviewed your ad, enter your credit card information and click “Place Order”. All ads go through a quality review prior to being shown. Ads are reviewed to ensure that they meet our content guidelines.

Facebook Fan Pages:
A Facebook fan page is a great way to promote businesses, organizations, blogs, bands, books essentially anything for which you want to build an audience. Facebook Ads for Pages and Events allow users to engage with your ads the same way they interact with other content on Facebook – without leaving the page they are viewing. Ads for Pages include a “Become a fan” link, while ads for Facebook Events include an “RSVP” link. Users who view these ads can connect with your Pages and Events from the ad itself, automatically creating a story on the user’s profile page and possibly even their friends’ home page highlights, generating free distribution for you.

You can choose to include a “Become a Fan” link when you create a Facebook Ad for a Page. This will allow users to connect with your Page directly from the ad, without interrupting their Facebook experience. They’ll still be able to click on your ad and view the Page directly as well. To set up ads with a “Become a fan” link, click “Promote Page with an Ad” when viewing any Page you manage, and this option will be automatically added to the ad creative. Alternatively, you can create ads with this fan link when you choose to advertise your Page through the normal ad creation page.

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