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Affordable Craigslist and Backpage posting services

Being a full service digital online marketing firm, we provide our clients with cheap but quality Craigslist and Backpage posting services. Call (888) 787-4502.

About Our Craigslist Services

We have been posting ads on Craigslist for more than 7 years for our clients. Craigslist does change its rules and policies with posting. Not only do we adhere but we adapt and make sure the client is taken care of. Here are some benefits for hiring Warrior Webmasters to do your posting;

1. We strictly do not use any automated method for our Craigslist Posting Service. All ads on Craigslist are done 100% manually.

2. We ensure all our clients a maximum response.

3. Our company’s Craigslist team provides great results and affordable rates.

4. We do post a well-written, engaging advert which gets a better and quicker response as opposed to a poorly worded paragraph.

5. Our team of experts will choose the best category for your ads. We will help you get relevant traffic from people who are interested with your genre.

6. All responses to all ads are forwarded to the email of your choosing.

About Our Backpage Posting Service

Being one of the most popular classified websites in United States; 2nd only to Craigslist, this free online classified website is growing at a double digit rate every month.*

Posting ads on classified websites will create exposure as well as drive traffic. Below are some key benefits that you will enjoy when you use our Backpage posting service;

1.The ad posting will be done by a live person. There will be no automation in this process, hence good and quality results will be delivered.

2.Clients can save a lot when they use our services since we offer a cost friendly Backpage service.

3.Our professional team of Backpage posters will send you a full report immediately when the work is complete for you to verify all ads.

4.Our quality Backpage posting service is a results oriented. We will adjust the time and day of postings to maximize the results of each posting.

5.We can work on any schedule provided by our clients since our team is available 24/7.

If you you are planning to market your product or business on Backpage, Craigslist or both, feel free contact us on our “contact us” page or call us (888)787- 4502 to get a quote. Our professional team of Classified Ad Posters will help your website gain more traffic thus increasing sales, Alexa rank and Google page rank.


Simplifying Your Customer Communications with 800 Numbers

Since your major goal is to have customers calling your business, it is advisable and important to track who is calling and what is working for the company. The perception when you invest in toll-free numbers is the difference of saying I am a local business or I am a global business. With the internet would you not want to take advantage of customers who do not live in the same city as you?

Choosing From Flexible Toll Free Solutions

Warrior Webmasters offers a robust portfolio of a toll free voice service that will make it easier for all your customers to reach you. With toll-free service from Warrior Webmasters this is what you can do

800 Link to local. We will set up all the 800 numbers to 1 line in your business. If you are like most businesses and have more than 1 number at your business. The rollover system will remain in place. We just send the call to your main number and your system in place does not need any upgrades or changes.

Routing your calls. We can route any 800 number to any number you wish. We can route all the calls to one number or we can pick each number to forward to a different number of your choosing.

CRM Integration. We can route a copy of the recording to your CRM. By doing so this guarantees better follow up since the call, the caller ID and the recording are there for you to review and follow up.

Sourcing reports. Because we know which 800 we put to each advertising source. We will know which advertising is working best. We measure how often they are calling and how long they speak. We put this in a report and this can be seen daily, weekly, and monthly. This will track your busiest days and busiest hours when you get the most phone traffic. Allowing you to schedule you more effectively saving money when it is slower and having more staff in place when it is busier.

At Warrior Webmasters, we help you set up 800 numbers for your business. We can setup up just (1) 800 number or (100) numbers for a single business. Phone calls made through these numbers can be recorded so as to improve your customer service. Call us today on our 800 number; and ask about our 800 phone service today. (888) 787-4502


Customer Relationship Management or CRM

A CRM tool allows your staff of your company track your customers. In larger companies, different departments deal with the same customer. It is important for all employees to be able to know what the other department has offered the consumer. Managers no longer have to call employees at home wondering if a customer was followed up. Employees can be off and not worry if there customer was taken care of when they were off.. At Warrior Webmasters, we offer you a CRM tool to help you streamline this process, increase communication and increase sales.

Why Customer relationship management?

Having an effective CRM allows for fewer mistakes. Every employee would be required to use the same system and document the same information. Once your company adopts the CRM, all employees are able to easily locate the information that they need to complete the next step in the relationship process. For instance, when the customer calls in to discuss an issue further, the customer should not have to repeat the same background information again. Instead, the employee should have kept the information for easy review through the CRM system.

  • CRM contains all your details of each customer. This makes it easy to track a customer accordingly. A good CRM can also be used to determine the value of each customer.
  • Your CRM system will group all your customers for different aspects which vary according to the type of the business they do or according or to the physical location. This helps a lot in concentrating and focusing on each and every customer separately.
  • A Customer relationship management system is not only used in dealing with the existing customers but it is also useful with new potential customers. The process starts with identifying the customer, then maintaining all the corresponding details into the Customer relationship management system which is also known as “Opportunity of Business’. The field and sales representatives then follows a set process to maintain contact and reach an agreement with the client.
  • Details in the Customer relationship management system are kept centralized where they are available anytime. This will reduce the process time thus increasing productivity of the firm.
  • If the customers are satisfied they will always remain loyal to you.

What we do…

At Warrior Webmasters, we offer a comprehensive CRM service that guarantees our customers better contact, more contact and no customer slipping through the cracks. We will target the following:

How to identify and target their best customers, generate quality sales leads, and plan and implement marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives.

How to form individualized relationships with customers (to improve customer satisfaction) and provide the highest level of customer service to the most profitable customers.

Providing employees with the information they need to know their customers’ wants and needs, and build relationships between the company and its customers.

Since the practice of handling existing customers as well as getting more customers in today’s commercial world has become a challenge, CRM experts from Warrior Webmasters will help you with CRM installation and teach you how to improve your current business situation and how to easily challenge the current ways of business marketing.


On-Site Training

We highly recommend that you purchase our CRM tool to help manage your business. More about this customer-relationship-management. We highly recommend that you purchase our CRM tool to help manage your business.

We offer on-site training service for local businesses and spend time doing training in person. The service involves working one on one with sales staff, show techniques, help with closing, and work on word tracks, voice tone, and everything else. We will help you make it a better experience for your clients. We combine structured processes, and test your staff to make sure the knowledge has been absorbed.

Why should you sign up for on-site training?

On-site training has numerous benefits for every client. Some of these are:

Our on-site training takes place at your business, no time away from your business is necessary. This eliminates your travel, gas, hotel and whatever else that you could incur. We do this to help our customers keep the costs down and keep your company fully staffed.

The courses are flexible since they can be customized to cater for specific business and scheduled for dates that are convenient for the company.

Clients learn in familiar surroundings and having the whole team together ensures that the impact throughout our client organization is immediate.

Sensitive company information may be shared by participants and used as concrete examples during interactive and workshop sessions in complete confidence.

On-site Training Services

On-site training is currently one of the best ways for each and every firm to realize their full potential of their investments in the current technology. Robert Hildreth has been programming CRM’s since 2003 and has been recognized by many as an expert when it comes to the following:


  • High Customer engagement
  • Double to Triple the closing ratio of competitors
  • Processes that are proven to work with any industry
  • Customizing the process for different markets, personalities and products
  • A way to succeed short term with a long term mindset
  • Mining your datatbase
  • Training you to understand your customer

Having a training program delivered on-site, your team is still in the office, therefore any critical questions or issues that arise every day can be addressed with ease.

I hope we have shown you more than a few advantages of having an instructor to come on-site to deliver a dedicated training course to your team. Feel free to call us on (888)787 – 4502 and request for a quote for free. We will provide a quick response for all your requests.


Phone Scoring

Why you need phone scoring…

Do you answer your own phone at your business? Maybe you are like many businesses, and have a receptionist, or staff take your incoming leads. We like using the term “lead” because at this point you have no guarantee that this caller will show at your business. We work hard to get the phone to ring, however how are we handling those calls?

With so much on the line and us all fighting for that new business the question is simple. Do you have your best people answering your phone? So, you think you have the best phone etiquette taking your incoming business…How do you know? Even if you can hear half the conversation(s) in the office you are missing the other half of the conversation. And based on what the lead is asking you have no idea if your staff is giving the best answers to those questions. They can be polite and professional, however in the end, did they close an appointment to come in?

How does it work?

When we talk about phone scoring, we are talking about measuring specific elements of how your staff interacts with clients. We seek to establish what the employee did well and what they did not do well while interacting with clients. This gives you a detailed tracking of the performance of your employee and an idea on where to start on improvements on the customer service and sales skills.

Phone scoring works by recording the phone call between clients and employees. The elements to be scored are varied but are intended to rate the customer and sales interactions. Did you know that a cheerful voice can keep a potential client? The attitude of the employee in responding to a client query can go a long way in boosting sales. Even a simple technique of getting the client’s name the first time can bring in those sales that you desire.

What we offer…

We understand that businesses today need digital help in many areas though each industry and business is different. That is why we go in and evaluate what you are doing now. So instead of making huge changes, maybe the little changes will solve the problem. Maybe nothing needs to be changed in what is being said but it is the tone of the staff. We can monitor this with phone scoring and fix this with training.

Our phone scoring services are so simple it works for any business. We do the following:

  • Evaluate your customer service and experience
  • Evaluate the phone skills of your staff
  • Track employee accountability and progress

This service will give you the exact starting point on where to improve or make adjustments. It is a way of discovering potential habits and inadequacies of your staff that can cost you a lot more in the long run. On the other hand, it is a value guaranteed service that will earn you more by bringing in more clients and more sales. We also offer staff training to improve customer care service and sales skills for your team. After training, we also offer monitoring and evaluation of the employee’s progress.

Contact us today for our initial free consultation.


Phone Etiquette Training

It has been common for years now that both potential and current clients call in on a business about their products. Be it pizza or a designer dress that they saw on display. Making that phone call gives them the opportunity to gain information about a company, their products and/or pricing without having to step inside the business first. As the associate on the other end of the line, this could mean a potential sale for you. It is also your chance to give your client the best shopping experience.

The business associate must have the phone etiquette required for great customer service. Investing in phone systems is not enough; training staff on these phone systems and how to use them is vital. It goes a long way in creating a successful and welcoming environment for your business to thrive.

What phone etiquette training entails…

Phone etiquette training is a special presentation on how important it is for a business to have the right phone etiquette. At Warrior Webmasters, we offer a personalized approach to the training of each staff member. We begin by assessing each trainee through phone scoring then embark on the training process. Our phone etiquette training will ensure the staff understands:


  • What phone etiquette is
  • How phone etiquette works
  • Its’ importance to the business
  • How  to cultivate phone etiquette

The practical training will involve concepts such as making a positive first impression, how to place callers on hold, call transfer techniques and call wrap up techniques that leaves customers smiling. That staff is trained on how to source for potential sales on the phone; while giving the clients the best customer service experience.

At we always have your customers, staff and business in mind. Our Service guarantees your employees motivation, customer satisfaction and most importantly; actual sales increases.

Book us today for your staff training and get the improved staff performance now!


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